Sicce Shark ADV 400 Internal Power Filter

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Product Description

The Sicce Shark ADV 400 Internal Power Filters is well suited for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums and uses the Venturi system to provide improved oxygenation to these aquatic environments. For ease of use, the body of the power filter is transparent, making dirt, debris and grime that much more visible and helping to reduce unseen clogging. As well, the Sicce Shark ADV 400 Internal Power Filters comes with an adjustable intake diameter to ensure that none of your precious little fish can get caught or injured in the filter itself. Magnetic connections ensure a tight, sealed grip around hose openings as well as water flow regulation for optimum accuracy. A sleek, modern modular design allows for additional filtration compartments to increase filtration capacity within the tank. The unit comes with a filter volume of 320 cm3. Energy efficient at only 7 watts and has a flow rate of 106 gph. Suited for tanks up to 34 gallons.