Small Egg Tumbler

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Product Description

* The purpose of an egg tumbler is to allow fresh water to circulate over cichlid eggs that have been separated from the parents.
* A fresh supply of clean water allows the eggs to develop in an oxygen rich environment where mould and fungus development is
suppressed without the need for chemicals.
* Egg tumblers are used frequently by breeders .
* The gentle rolling action caused by these tumblers can simulate the normal incubation of these fish.
* Allows egg incubation in same tank as fish are breeding in to provide identical water conditions during incubation period.
* Can be used on other non-adhesive fish eggs as well to help prevent fungus.
* For instance, tumbling your Cichlid eggs can sometimes be a critical necessity.

  • overall height 12.25 inches
  • Internal dimensions of egg chamber 4" x 1 3/8"
  • Comes with air stone, tubing, and control valve