Tetra Algae Control

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Product Description

Removes unsightly algae fast from your aquarium! Algae Control™ not only combats aquarium algae, it also works to keep it from returning. Algae Control is highly effective against green water (algal blooms), bluegreen algae, diatoms or “brown algae,” hair algae or blanketweed that grow on the glass and décor. Unlike some other products on the market, Tetra Algae Control can be safely used in planted aquariums. Tetra’s precision dropper tops help consumers administer the proper dose to their aquarium. One drop treats one gallon.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product
in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Before applying, first remove as much algae as possible by cleaning the glass and décor. This allows Tetra AlgaeControl to be its most effective at reducing the remaining algae and inhibiting new algae growth. Remove activated carbon filters for 6-8 hours after dosing. Be prepared to clean out additional algae as it is killed to prevent deterioration of water quality.
Add 1ml of Tetra AlgaeControl for every 12 gallons (45L) of aquarium water. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Adding Tetra AlgaeControl in areas of high water agitation or by pre-diluting Tetra AlgaeControl in a cup of aquarium water will help to distribute the active ingredient. Ensure the aquarium is well aerated.
Repeat if needed every three days for up to three total doses, then clean the aquarium of dead algae, and do a partial water change. For regular maintenance, use as algae starts to reappear.
ATTENTION: Do not use in newly established aquariums less than three months old. Do not use in aquariums with invertebrates or crustaceans e.g. crabs, shrimps, or crayfish.