Tetra Pond Statuary Fountain Pump 75 GPH

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Product Description

Great ponds start with Tetra products! We have everything you need to set up and maintain a beautiful pond, including water pumps and filters, pond accessories and décor, lighting and equipment, and fish nutrition and water care products.

Pump up the party in your fountain with a Tetra Fountain Pump. This easy-to-install pump provides 75 gallons-per-hour of water power to your fountain. Transform your pond into something extraordinary with a ready-to-run pump. Reliable is the name of the game with Tetra® products. Whether you’re looking for a fresh addition to your pond or want to add a touch of excitement to your water garden, Tetra Fountain Pumps can provide the power you need to bring your vision to life.

  • QUIET OPERATION: Tetra Fountain Pumps run quietly, keeping your fountain disruption-free.
  • 75 GPH: This product pumps 75 gallons per hour.
  • LOW-WATER SHUTOFF: This product will automatically shut off in low-water conditions to protect the motor.
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Use in both indoor and outdoor fountains.
  • CONTENTS: Contains 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2” adaptors.