Vtakraft Menu Guinea Pig Food 5 lb.

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Product Description

Vitakraft's Menu for Guinea Pigs is a new standard for small animal food. With an exciting blend of alfalfa pellets and real fruits and vegetables like carrots, beets, and mountain ash berry, this is the ultimate food for keeping your guinea pig happy and satisfied. Pair with healthy sides like sweet baby lettuce and hay for guinea pig health.

  • Tasty Variety: A Blend Of Vegetables, Grains, And Fruits, And Concentrated Guinea Pig Food Pellets For Variety In Every Bite.
  • Added Nutrition: Created Specifically For Guinea Pigs, Fortified With Vitamins, Minerals, And Natural Probiotics. Give Your Guinea Pig Vitamin C, Omega 3’s, And More.
  • Foraging Fun: With Ingredients Your Guinea Pig Would Forage For In The Wild, Vitakraft Menu Is Just Like The Wild Guinea Pig Food Outside Has To Offer.
  • For All Stages Of Life: Fortified And Balanced For Guinea Pigs In All Life Stages. Use As Young Guinea Pig Food Or Adult Guinea Pig Food.
  • Always Fresh: Resealable Bag Keeps Food Fresh And Tasty