Zilla Halogen Mini Dome Fixture

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Product Description

The Zilla Light & Heat Halogen Mini Dome is a compact, high-performance light fixture designed for use in reptile terrariums. It occupies minimal space on your terrarium top, while delivering intense focused light and heat to help maintain a healthy environment for your reptiles. The Mini Dome utilizes energy-saving mini halogen bulbs (25 or 50 W) with output that is comparable to incandescent bulbs of higher wattage. A specialized reflector is incorporated to accurately pin-point the light and heat, allowing you to create thermal gradiants or a welcoming basking area for your critters.

The Zilla Light & Heat Halogen Mini Dome is constructed with a black powder-coated finish for exceptional durability, and a ceramic socket designed to withstand high temperatures. It features an in-line on/off rocker switch for convenient control of the light, and includes a mounting spring clip that keeps the dome in place, even when the screen top is removed. Mini halogen bulbs sold separately. 4.38" dia. x 3.5" H