Ziss Aqua Feedin Sieve SF-1 .10 mm

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Product Description

The Ziss BS Sieve SF-1 is the professional artemia and feed screen. Great for collecting baby from adult artemia, daphnia, phytoplankton and other small living foods.

The SF-1 is supplied in stainless steel mesh of 0.10 mm, 0.13 mm of 0.20 mm. The sieve can be removed. Live baby brine shrimp can be collected in the .10 mm large sieve. The .20 mm sieve is used for feeding because baby brine lobster can pass through.

Integrated suction cup mount, stackable design, and various mesh sizes give this screen a multifunctional function.

The unique elegance and clear design give you a clear view of the feeding of your fish.

The Ziss BS Sieve SF-1 is the professional brine shrimp sieve and fish food feeding station.

The SF-1 comes from 0.12mm, 0.15mm Made in Korea stainless steel mesh. And Feeder comes from without mesh screen.

Integrated Suction Cup mount, Stackable design and various mesh sizes give multi-purpose utility.

The unique elegance and clear design give an attractive view of watching also.


  • Improves the nutrient efficiency for your fish
  • Supports better water quality by reducing the amount of uneaten food that decomposes in the grinding and filtering system
  • No more feeding 6 times a day with discus fish and angelfishes only once refilling these sieves
  • Live Food floats to red worms from brine shrimp feeder and solves eating problems of small food in the tank for fish
  •  Stackable Design
  • Can be attached by Suction Cups
  • Can be used on the Sink by 4-Legs Design
  • Can be used as Feeding Station in and on the tank
  • Various mesh size & blank mesh
  • Durable SUS304 and SUS316 mesh