Ziss Aqua ZB-300 Moving Bed Filter

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Product Description

The ZB-300F is an air-powered aquarium filter that provides clean, but most of all, healthy water in your aquarium. The filter is being used in professional nurseries and also known under the name ‘Moving bed filter’. The name indicated that the filter media move over each other continuously, providing even better filtering. The ZB-300F filter provides natural processing of waste products in the water, in which substances such as ammoniac, nitrate, and nitrite are converted in an organic manner. The large quantities of air that are being pumped into the filter, provide degassing of these waste products. In this way, the ZB-300F filter makes sure that the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) values remain low. These values reflect the quantity of oxygen required to decompose the organic waste particles present in the aquarium. The lower these values are, the cleaner the water in the aquarium is. Using this filter results in a significant slowdown of algae growth, keeping the aquarium extra clean!