Ziss Aqua ZET-80 Egg Tumbler

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Product Description

The “Egg tumbler” is a device that can mimic the brood care of the parents.

The tumbler of the Ziss Egg Tumblers are shaped so that the eggs never stop moving and can’t be damaged. As a result, the chance of fungus is many times smaller, resulting in many more eggs. On average, the outcome percentage in the tumblers is around 97%.

Each egg tumbler has a set with two or four suction cups as mounting system, ziss air regulator, air hose and a ziss air stones. The air stones of Ziss Aqua can be disassembled so they are easy to clean and therefore last much longer than the traditional air stones.

These beautifully designed and manufactured products are the best on the market and are made of the best materials.

The difference between the egg tumblers is in the internal diameter and the height. The ZET-80 is the largest with an internal diameter of 80 mm, then the ZET-65 with an internal diameter of 65 mm, then the ZET-55 with an internal diameter of 55 mm and the smallest we have the ZET-E55, this is half the height of the ZET-55 and has the same diameter of 55 mm.

The ZET-80 Egg Tumbler (Internal diameter 80mm) can be used for the eggs of most Cichlids, plecos, discus fish, angelfish, corydoras, etc.