Ziss Aqua ZH-2000 Artemia Hatchery

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Product Description

The Ziss Aqua ZH-2000 Artemia blender is the perfect artemia breeding kit for aquarium keepers and breeders! With its unique design, the ZH-2000 Artemia blender makes growing artemia eggs very easy and ensures a high outcome rate. The grow kit consists of a large plastic (2 litre capacity) container with handle, sturdy plastic base, thermometer with o-ring, Ziss Aqua air stone and tube for inside the container, lid, unique valve to let the Artemia run out of the container without any hassle and a pipette with which the Artemie can be fed.

The lid placed on top of the large container (2 litres capacity) can accommodate the supplied thermometer and has a cutout in which a bar heating can be placed (not included). This way you can easily maintain the optimal temperature for the highest possible outcome of the eggs!

The specially designed valve at the bottom of the container ensures that you can leave the artemia easily and dosed the blender.