Zoo Med Pleco Mini Banquet Block

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Product Description

Zoo Med’s Pleco Banquet Block is now available in a mini size!

This customer-favorite formula is ideal for baby and small-type plecos (e.g., bristlenose plecos, etc.).

In the wild, many suckermouth catfish (“pleco”) species consume algae-covered wood. To replicate this natural phenomenon, our Pleco Banquet® Blocks contain freshwater algae (Spirulina) and wood fiber (cellulose). The included protein-rich plankton morsels are irresistible to even the pickiest eaters! Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support the long-term health of your plecos.

Feeding: Place the Mini Pleco Banquet® Block in your aquarium and replace it as needed. Depending on the number of plecos in your aquarium, you may need to provide multiple blocks. One block will feed a small pleco (1-3 inches long) for up to 3 days.