Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable

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Product Description

Repti Heat Cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture, or use it underneath the tank! Flexible, water resistant and durable Repti Heat Cable has numerous uses for the professional or the hobbyist.

  • Inexpensive, low wattage heaters.
  • Secondary heat source.
  • 6.5 foot cold lead.

Product Options

Item Number: RHC-15
Size: 11.5′ (3.5 m)
Wattage: 15 w
Gal Size: 5-10 gal
Item Number: RHC-25
Size: 14.75′ (4.5 m)
Wattage: 25 w
Gal Size: 10-20 gal
Item Number: RHC-50
Size: 23′ (7 m)
Wattage: 50 w
Gal Size: 30-40 gal
Item Number: RHC-100
Size: 39′ (12 m)
Wattage: 100 w
Gal Size: 50-100 gal
Item Number: RHC-150
Size: 52′ (16 m)
Wattage: 150 w
Gal Size: Breeder
* Can be used in Vision breeder racks!