Zoo Med Reptisun Mega Compact UVB Lamp 65 watts

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Product Description

  • NEW SHAPE: Unique design allows for wide and even UVB output.
  • ReptiSun provides UVB, UVA, and visible light
  • UVB: UVB ensures healthy bones and bodies for reptiles and helps prevent or halt the progression of Metabolic Bone Disease.
  • UVA: UVA is part of the visible light spectrum for reptiles. UVA helps increase activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors. Without UVA, reptiles are colorblind!
  • Usable UVB up to 42” away
  • Great for large reptiles including Sulcata Tortoises, Iguanas, Tegus, Monitors, Uromastyx, Water Dragons, Chuckwallas, Frilled Dragons, groups of Marginated, Russian or Redfoot Tortoises, and more.