Zoo Med Turtletherm Aquatic Turtle Heater

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Product Description

Preset submersible aquatic heater for use in turtle habitats with up to 15 or 100 gallons of water. Helps keep aquatic turtles healthy and happy. Helps prevent loss of appetite to cold water temps! Great for Red Eared Sliders, African Sidenecks, Musk, Mud, Painted, Map, Diamondback Terrapin, and a variety of other great aquatic pet turtles!

  • Preset to heat your pet’s habitat to 78° F 
  • Mounts on the side or back glass wall of your aquatic turtle’s habitat with included suction cups.
  • Fully submerge heater in water before plugging the heater into an electrical outlet. Safety shut-off activates if removed from water.

Product Options

Item Number: TH-50
Wattage: 50 Watt
Size: Up to 15 Gallons of Water
Item Number: TH-100
Wattage: 100 Watt
Size: Up to 30 Gallons of Water
Item Number: TH-150
Wattage: 150 Watt
Size: Up to 50 Gallons of Water
Item Number: TH-300
Wattage: 300 Watt

Size: Up to 100 Gallons of Water